India Celebrates It’s National Doctor’s Day

National Doctor’s Day
Image Credits: Physician's Weekly

Doctor: a person we all consider to be a god on Earth, the one who cures us of even the most dangerous diseases and ailments. It is he who comes to our rescue when even prayers stop working. Sadly though, in the recent past, doctors have been subjected to violence that has brought to light the dark side of humanity.

Today, 1st July stands to be the National Doctor’s Day. Considering the unfortunate incidents that took place in the last month, the theme of this year’s National Doctor’s Day is “Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”. This is done with the aim to communicate to people that doctors (ones who are of great service to the people of the society) deserve to be treated with respect and that any kind of violence to them is unacceptable and should be condemned. 

The main purpose of celebrating the National Doctor’s Day is to create and raise awareness about the importance of doctors in our lives. It is a day on which doctors are thanked for their service to mankind. The first doctor’s day in India was celebrated on 1st July 1991. It was launched by the central government to honour Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy. This day marks his birth as well as the death anniversary. Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy was West Bengal’s first chief minister, who is also one of the most renowned physicians of India.

To celebrate this day, various events are organised which include free medical check-ups, discussions and camps that focus on raising awareness about the importance of regular check-ups, timely treatment, prevention, cure, health, hygiene, diagnosis, nutrition and so much more.

National Doctor’s Day
Image Credits: Forbes

It is important to note that each country celebrates it’s National Doctor’s Day on different days. We in India celebrate 1st July as the National Doctor’s Day. On this day, let’s take a pledge to protect and treat the doctors of our nation with respect and dignity and be thankful for the service they provide to us.


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