Multitasking Mavens


Overachievers, multitaskers and more recently neo-Indians, this new breed of Gen Y are breaking the boundaries of conventionality. Trishann Henriques explores the dynamics of this new trend

Youth today are constantly in search of something new. Ditching monotonous day jobs to explore different ambits in their professional and social sphere is just one of the many areas where societal and professional conventions have taken a back seat. These new breeds of youngsters are not only testing different waters in terms of their capabilities, but are also finding a bridge between making a career, pursuing their hobbies and breaking the laws of routine. To put everything into perspective, Bricy Fernandes, a social worker, baker, KPO analyst and a neo-Indian says, “Hating monotony is the secret to managing multiple careers.”

The neo-Indian
A youngster’s idea of professional life a decade ago would be completely different as compared to what it is today. Good grades through school, a coveted degree in college and a well-paying job would be the three things that every youth would want. Today however, this idea is disjointed; the young are seeking happiness more than money, popularity, and a so-called steady career. Neo-Indians are leaping out of their bordered peripheries, juggling their 9-to-5 jobs while also making their hobbies mainstream, studying and also starting businesses – all with the love and angst to explore the varied avenues that life has to offer.

The reason
“The secret is to do everything that comes naturally to you and makes you smile when you hit the sack. As far as possible I try to do the things that make me say, ‘Woah! Life is awesome!’” Says Shreya Naik, a decoupage artist and the owner of an artist management company. The thrill of doing what they love is the key to managing multiple careers. For some, their day jobs are nothing close to what they love to do which is why they choose to develop and pursue their hobbies on the side or as part-time endeavours, while many others delve into different aspects of one single career like singing and band management.

Forget the money
To get any business on the road, one of its first aspects would be money. The money invested into different businesses varies depending on its scale and enterprise. While it would take a good amount of business knowledge, a substantial amount of money and experience to begin a business, youth today think otherwise. Relying less on family businesses and money, they’re taking bold steps to start their own businesses at the tender age of 20. Aditya Sawant, a 22-yearold graduate from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management didn’t wait to begin his business. He is the proud owner of Vedge, a new Mumbai-based restaurant. Like him, there are many more who don’t think waiting for the right time is important, instead, they choose to learn on the job – sometimes going with their gut and other times through trial and error.

9-to-5 jobs are too mainstream
There are a handful of youth who, today, choose conventional forms of employment that require them to dedicate a certain set of hours to their work. They have begun to choose jobs that explore both their social and professional prowess. Freelancing and self-employment are two areas that most youngsters are choosing. Masoom Minawala, a 21-yearold fashion blogger, the owner of and a business woman has carved a niche for herself. Her love for fashion through her blog has her today rubbing shoulders with fashion’s ‘it’ crowd. Clearly, the traditional career path of working a way up a company ladder and waiting for years to find a footing in an industry are slowly becoming archaic concepts.

Education is an investment
Any kind of education, however different it is from an individual’s current profession, is never a waste. After all, education opens a person’s mind making them more aware about the world around them. The youth today are seeing truth in this principle. Whether it is a three-month course or a two-year programme, youngsters today are not holding back on honing their skills and enhancing their knowledge.

Famous multitaskers

@ Neil Patrick
Harris: Actor and award-winning magician
@ Taylor
Lautner: Actor and karate champion
@ Harrison Ford:
Actor and a private plane and helicopter pilot
@ Zooey
Deschanel: Singer and actor
@ Farhan Akhtar:
Film director, producer, screen writer, actor, playback singer, lyricist and host
@ Saif Ali Khan:
Actor, producer and guitarist


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