Momentz Cakes & Chocolates, Mumbai (For Two Persons Rs. 500)


CUISINE: Bakery and confectionery
cupcake 1
The only time you can indulge in sweet sin and yet be in heaven is when you try these homemade sweet treats. Get the Dulce De Le Che, which is an exotic flavour new to the Indian sub continent, or the Red Velvet cupcakes. Momentz also has Peanut Butter, Caramel and Coffee infused cupcakes, along with Tiramisu. Try their luxury chocolates like Limoncello, which is citrus flavoured, Berry Tasty which has strawberry and blueberry fillings, and the mint, hazelnut or Turkish nut chocolates.
FAB OR DRAB: This home-based confectionery personally handcrafts each piece of chocolate and cupcake with love and the nest ingredients from around the world. Their speciality is luxury flavoured cupcakes and chocolates at reasonable prices with exotic flavours that’ll have you going back every time you have a craving for chocolates and cupcakes. So sweet, much love!

Reza Villa, 3rd floor, Opp. St Marys ICSE, Mazgoan, Mumbai; Call: 9821184528 – Neeti Vijaykumar


Volume 5 Issue 2


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