Make me look weird doc!


With gothic, rapper trends emerging; a dentist’s job isn’t only to deliver perfectly aligned white smiles. Dentists get quirky requests.

Rapper Paul Wall started the teeth grillz movement in Houston Texas and it became a worldwide phenomenon. “All I want for Christmas is that GRILL in my teeth” he rapped in a song. #HouXmasList he later Tweeted.

Lil Jon didn’t choose anything lil but a pure white ice look with platinum and diamonds. Designed by Paul Wall himself, they cost a cool $50,000. His investment paid off as Lil Jon was crowned ‘King of da Grillz’

Lil Wayne told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that he spent around $150,000 for his diamond-clad teeth. He decided to get a permanent set to guard his deteriorating dental work, a result of a teenage addiction to sweets. The rapper said “I like Skittles and Starburst, but I have bad teeth due to too much candy, so I got them covered with a grill. It doesn’t come out.” And how does one care for such precious accessories? “I brush ‘em with Colgate everyday.”

Paul Wall appeared in Brooke Hogan’s “About Us” video and afterwards decided to freshen up Brooke’s mug with an exclusive custom-made diamond grill for her. It was reported that dad Hulk Hogan was so pleased with the look that he ordered a set for himself.

Flav Flav got 22K semi-permanent gold caps top and bottom made by the legendary Eddie Plein. Being the lovable egomaniac that he is, Flav’s teeth spell out his own name in diamonds.

Rihanna wasrecently spotted with golden grills. Rich lady on the peak!

They are here to impress the bitches.

Nelly makes sure you’re not left behind in the latest trend in jewelled accessories.

Sparkling Celebs with Tantalising Teeth

Johnny Depp – He decided to keep his grill after shooting the first ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ movie. He plans to put them on e-bay.

 Kayne West – diamonds are cooler than teeth! ‘I just thought that diamonds were cooler,’ says Kayne West. He asked the dentist to remove his bottom row of teeth and replace them with diamonds.

Rihanna – After Chris Brown (her ex-boyfriend) got grills, she too tried on a pair of golden chompers for her “You Da One” video.


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