Make India No. 1 Mission: A Step Toward the Future?

make india no. 1 mission
Image Credits: @TheTimesOfAAP on Twitter

Recently, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal announced the ‘Make India No.1’ Mission as AAP’s national mission, which is essentially focused on improving various sectors in the country in order to prioritize the country’s development. 

He announced this during an event in Talkotra Stadium, Delhi, where he proposed a five-point vision for good governance (keeping in mind the 2024 Lok Sabha polls) and assured the citizens that he would be traveling across the country to rally support for this mission. He emphasized that in order to achieve the goal, the following have to be made accessible to the citizens: free education, healthcare, employment for the youth, equal rights and dignity for women, as well as a fair price to farmers for their produce. Public funds will be utilized in ensuring free and quality education for every child,  along with free and good medical treatment provided for every citizen.

What seems to be the unique thing about this mission is the fact that Kejriwal has said this is not necessarily a mission of a political party, instead, it is a national mission open to everyone for contributing.  He has said that due to the apolitical nature of this mission, other political parties can also join and show support.

In his speech, Kejriwal said that in the last 75 years, India has achieved many great things and has hit several milestones. Yet, countries like Singapore, which got their independence much later, have gone far ahead in terms of development. He blamed the parties in power without taking any names for the slow progress of the country. 

A lot of empty promises have been made to the citizens of this country by people in power before, which is why the Make India No.1 Mission may not seem different than any other time. But due to the apolitical nature of this mission, there is a bigger scope for support and it is evident that this isn’t just a way to gain votes in the Lok Sabha polls. Although, only time will tell what will actually unfold for this country. 


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