Looking To Get Into Stand-Up Comedy? Here’s What You Need To Do

stand-up comedy
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An art form that is constantly evolving to cater to the audience in a better, funnier way, stand-up comedy is a profession that a lot of people want to get into. If you’ve been told multiple times that you should definitely try stand-up comedy, and you are seriously considering giving it a try, then this article can help you with tips to get started in this field.

The first and probably the most important advice is: don’t jump in head first. That means, please don’t quit your job and go all into this, because this is a career that isn’t even a career for most people. It usually starts as a side hustle, because they wish to do something new, or something they love; after which, if they find success, they can re-evaluate what their future would look like if they were to get into stand-up comedy full-time.

Stand-up comedy isn’t something everyone can do, and it is an art form that requires years of dedication and hard work, a lot of trial and error, and most importantly, a lot of patience. As a stand-up comedian, it is crucial to feel connected to your audience and hone your sense of humour. So, how do you get started in this field?

You have to start with observation. You need to watch other comics, go to their shows and observe what the audience enjoys. The quality of jokes, the way the comic carries himself, and the way the audience reacts to different types of jokes. All of this will help you improve your writing based on what you’ve seen. Even though this isn’t enough, this is the first step in becoming a stand-up comedian. 

As you write your jokes, make sure you cross-check them and align them with the events happening around you. Most comedians have their own style of telling jokes. As a beginner in the field, it’s crucial for you to learn the different styles and thereafter practice each one to determine which works the best for you. But remember that in this field, originality counts – so never blindly copy.

Once you’re familiar with what other comics are doing, all you have to do is practice. This doesn’t mean that you go to an open mic the next day and try your jokes. Stand-up comedy also requires skill in public speaking, and you will also need to develop thick-skin and sheer willingness and passion to endure judgements and comments. Start by practising in front of the mirror, then your family, then your friends. Once you gain more confidence in your own jokes, you’ll be more comfortable telling them to a room full of strangers. Going to an open mic is genuinely an eye-opening experience. You see people from all walks of life and you need to sell your jokes so hard that the audience believes it’s funny, no matter how absurd your jokes may be.

After your performance, you need to evaluate and rate your performance. What jokes landed well and which ones didn’t? Take your time to identify where you’ve succeeded and exactly which areas require more work. You could also consider recording your performance and asking a close friend or mentor to review it. This will provide you with an added perspective – something you may not have arrived upon on your own. 

Stand-up comedians get paid to make people laugh instead of working at a mere desk job or analysing numbers – breaking the monotonous tread of the corporate world. Making your way to stardom through a career in stand-up comedy can be difficult, but the payoff is often what makes it worth pursuing in the long run. And remember, practice makes perfect!


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