Let's Study, Buddy!

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Isn’t studying a monotonous and tiresome affair? Nirva Vira explores the possibility of making studying fun and productive with a study partner

Today, as India races forward, so do its citizens. Everything from game to businesses has taken a sharp competitive turn. Examinations are now national challenges and good marks a necessity to move ahead in the rat race. Students are now waking up and realising the worth of high marks….and I guess so are you. So what to try in order to perform better than you usually do? I guess I have an answer…find a study buddy!

How do we keep each other motivated?
Motivation is of utmost importance when trying to accomplish something. Without motivation one just cannot succeed. Having a study buddy is quite an advantage as you can keep each other motivated.
* Set goals together. Decide a time lime and help each other to fulfill the set goal together within the time limit. This will not only help build a strong bond of friendship, but will also motivate you to finish the task as early as possible, only to help the other later.
* Arrange bets between each other. Pledge something to your buddy, if he/she accomplishes a short term goal within a certain time period. This will make studying so much more interesting and fun!
* Healthy competition. Engage in a competitive race, involving your work and grades and see the difference. However, make sure it is a friendly affair. We don’t want things to take an ugly turn, do we?
* Plan regular outings with your study buddy. Go to the movies or to the games parlour in the nearest mall. Taking a break from studies will refresh your mind and the outings will help you connect with your buddy better and therefore improve results.

 Study methods best used with buddies
* While reading some text or extract together, constantly keep asking each other questions as and when they come to mind; this will clear all your doubts, give you an idea of all the questions that can be asked and also give you a wider understanding of the topic.
* Prepare a written questionnaire for each other and test each other on the topic. After having answered the questionnaire, correct each other’s papers. This way you will be aware of all the mistakes you made or the ones you can make.
* As the two of you are studying, individually mark out things you find important, and at the end of the chapter, discuss what all you both have marked. This will bring a wider scope of things into focus.


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