Le Cafe, Mumbai – Rs. 400 per person


Le Café is not so much a café as it is a full-fledged restaurant. It serves a combination of ‘café’ food – breakfast items and sandwiches – fast food items like pizzas and pastas, and proper meals like stews and shepherd’s pies.
CUISINE: European, West Asian
FOOD AND DRINKS: Make sure your stomach is entirely empty when you visit, because the portions are massive and more than sufficient for two people. However, there is more variety in the non-vegetarian items. We tried the crispy fried potato skins which lived up to their name and were lip-smackingly delicious; the Cajun chicken skewers which were infused with a multitude of flavours; the Sicilian risotto which was scrumptiously spicy; and the gluten free chocolate gooey and the blueberry cheesecake, both of which were rich and satisfying.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: This is a great place to test your tastebuds with lesser known Arabic, Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes. Go with a group of friends to split the dishes and save on your pocket money.
G 42, Phase II, Ground Floor, R City Mall, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai
– Aparna Sundaresan


Volume 3 Issue 2


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