Justice For Nirbhaya, Finally!!


Justice for Nirbhaya – Verdict out! Death penalty for all the four convicts!

At last the judgement is made against the horrendous act of 2012in Delhi on Nirbhaya. The case that led to outrage amongst the people of India.The Supreme Court gave its verdict for the gang rape and murder case. Theyhave awarded death sentence to all the four convicts – Akshay Thakur (29), Vinay Sharma (21), Mukesh Singh (27), and Pawan Gupta (20). The fifth accused – Ram Singh, committed suicide while in jail. The sixth accused was granted three years in a correction facility (2012-2015) as he was a minor and is now out free.

Just before the verdict, Nirbhaya’s mother had said that she would not settle for anything less than a death sentence. “There were days, when I felt justice will take forever but today is the day. The court will punish them. They should be hanged and a precedent set that no man will be let off in such cases.

Raju Ramchandran and Sanjay Hegde were appointed by justice Dipak Misra to defend the convicts. On March 13, 2014 the Delhi High Court had upheld death sentence for the four convicts. But they contested in the Supreme Count for granting them relief.

Today, at 2:20 pm the judgement given by Justice Bhanumati was received with an applause in the SC :

“It’s a tsunami of shock in the minds of the collective and destroyed humanity. Death for all four. Compelled to arrive aggravating circumstances outweigh the mitigating circumstances.”

“If at all a case warrants death sentence it’s this case. Human lust was allowed to take demonic form.”

The only regret is that the law took so long to reach its decision. Such cases should be fast tracked which would help the victims and their families. However, the verdict of this case will send out a stern message to people who commit such crimes and hopefully deter them from doing such acts. Justice has finally prevailed for Nirbahaya.


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