10 Twitteratis: You couldn’t ignore


Amidst the growling competition of getting trending filters and emoticons, Twitter still remains stagnant to its 140 character limit and retains the monopoly over having tweets as the most powerful elements of an educational, political, entertainment and social expression. Until you don’t follow someone good at tweeting, your life on twitter is just another social existence online. Here we get you a whole package of 10 most interesting people to follow on Twitter, who never leave you disappointed with the limited content they can provide.

Richard Branson @richardbranson

Better than other riches, he is very down to Earth and exceptionally inspiring and motivating to read. Had a bad day? Feeling unwell? Had a Break up?  Read his tweets, the one interesting person to follow on Twitter.

Beautiful Pictures @beautifulpics

With all the little left energy, when you try to read something at the end of a tiring day, your eye hooks up only to the pictures and shuts at the text. Hence at the end of this tiring day hook up your eyes at the most beautiful account to follow on twitter, Because a picture is worth a thousand words.”

R.L. Ripples @TweetsofOld

You may or may not be interested in history, this account helps you connect to the way of life that existed around a century ago. To be justified to the content, this account provides, keeping in mind the text limit, it certainly deserves to be one of the most interesting Twitter accounts, you may never want to ignore.

Boring Tweeters @bOringtweets

Would not hold up to its name, it’s certainly not boring. In case you are sick of people who bore you over Twitter, you might find these beings, trolled here. It’s so satirically named after boring people. The ability of these tweets to make you laugh,which you would otherwise make faces to, takes this page to a pedestal of being the most deserving page to be followed.

Snopes.com @snopes

Social media having a greater reach, anyone and everyone can access, edit and spread content at the speed of light. In such a scenario it becomes essential to filter factual as well as non-factual information. Does this work for you, at a cost of just following their tweets. Staying updated is way important, as party winning the elections may spread rumors of forming the government, but actually some other party might do so.

Bill Gates @BillGates

Being the richest man after all, why would you not want to follow a philanthropist elite who you would want to follow on Twitter.

Police @_grammar_

Let’s optimize the use of 140 characters here, by using the correct language. The grammar would any time be awake to correct you over your slang, typos and language rules. Just to be aware in case you get arrested by the most vigilant account to follow on Twitter.

God @TheTweetsOfGod

WritesOn this World Cancer Day, please take a moment to reflect on what a cruel bastard I amShocked! Yes, God is everywhere and so is he on Twitter. This God refrains from writing serious talks, as for that we already have the almighty ‘God’, this god writes satire and gives the judgments on tweets. Do take a look at his holy words and follow the most amazing account on twitter.

Guy Kawasaki @GuyKawasaki

He is a former Apple evangelist, with as many as a 1.5 million followers. Certainly his no. of followers suggests the kind of entertaining and educating social media person he is. Still don’t believe me? Check out this most entertaining person to follow on Twitter and you won’t resist hitting the follow button.

Katy Perry @katyperry

94.64 million is the number of followers the singer has on her official account. Does this not build up the curiosity to find out the content she posts? Not on my suggestion, just get your own reason to follow the most followed person on Twitter.


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