Inspirational children in movies


As children we often learn more from the wide lens of a film camera than the four walls of a classroom. This children’s day, we look at some of the most admirable little ones in movies.

Matilda Wormwood-Matilda

Living with neglectful parents and dealing with angry teachers makes five year old Matilda frustrated. Feeling lonely, she begins to find solace in books. But soon she develops telekinetic powers and embarks on a mission to teach berating adults and her obnoxious teacher – Trunchbull a lesson.

Why she’s inspirational: Matilda sees the world through her innocent eyes while letting her imagination wander. She taught us to keep the curious child in us alive.

Gavroche – Les Miserables

Gavroche starts off as a pick-pocketer on the streets of poverty-struck Paris struggling to find his next meal. But with his courage, presence of mind and maturity he starts off a revolution against a despotic regime. Did we mention the awesome singing chops?

Why he is inspirational: When Gavroche sacrificed his life for his revolutionary friends he taught us that children too are capable of doing heroic acts.

Neville Longbottom– Harry Potter

Neville’s life was doomed before it even started – his parents were tortured so badly by death eaters that they had no memory of him. As a child Neville was neglected by his teachers and often ridiculed by bullies. But he showed his mettle when he destroyed the last horcrux and proved that he was a true Gryffindor.

Why he is inspirational: Neville taught us that we should never underestimate anyone, even ourselves.

Forest Gump– Forest Gump

Forest Gump is an epic romantic drama about a slow-witted and naive child who grows up to be a soldier and a phenomenal tennis player, keeping his noble heart intact in spite of facing cruelty every day.

Why he is inspirational: Forest’s journey taught us that with dedication and hard-work, anything can be achieved.

Bruno– The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

A tragic story of the holocaust, told from the innocent view of a little boy- The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas is an unforgettable tale about loyal friendship in the face of adversity.

Why he is inspirational: Bruno taught us that when we make a mistake, we should apologise and rectify it. Losing a fight is better than losing a friend.


Hushpuppy- Beasts of the Southern Wild

Nine year old Quvenzhane Wallis’ mind-blowing performance won her an Academy Award nomination – the youngest actress to ever receive an Oscar nomination.  Playing the role of Hushpuppy, the film tells a story about a tumultuous relationship between a feisty child and an arrogant father.

Why she is inspirational: Even when a storm is threatening her little community, Hushpuppy remains positive about the future. She taught us that no matter what atrocities we face, we should remain optimistic.

Watching them on screen while growing UP has not only entertained us but also helped us incorporate a positive outlook towards life.


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