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Youth Inc Talks to Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran, who are Developing Mobile Applications at Ages 12 and 10!

What prompted you to devise mobile apps? How did you get the concept of your first mobile app ‘Catch Me Cop’?
We have always had a fascination for computers and games. We started by learning how to use PowerPoint and then gradually began learning programming software. It was always our dream to create our own games and applications.
We began working on our first application four years ago (at ages eight and six), which was based on cricket.  The first application we released was ‘Catch me Cop’
where you have to prevent being captured by the cop. There are three stages in each level and the difficulty level increases with every level.

What motivated you to start your own company, ‘Go Dimensions’?
We wanted to start a professional company and our father encouraged us to register our company. We decided on the name ‘Go Dimensions’ because ‘go’ is Sanjay’s favourite word and ‘dimensions’ because we want to create a universe
of applications. If you notice, the name ‘Go Dimensions’ also begins with the word ‘God’.

How did you manage to learn complicated programming softwares at such a young age?
We first learnt Q-Basic, which was really simple, then Java, Android, SDK and iOS. In the beginning, we developed over 150 test applications to master these programs. Honestly, the entire process was easy and fun. We learnt everything through books and with the help of our dad.

Do you have any dream that would change the tech world? Any ‘SS’ invention?
Our dream is to make our own tablet one day, called ‘Go Sheet’. The tablet will be extremely thin and also very cheap. A large number of people are unable to afford tablets due to their exorbitant prices and the thought of a villager owning a tablet seems impossible. But we want to make this technology affordable even in villages to stimulate economic growth in the county. Through our inventions,
we want to see India transform into a superpower.

How many downloads of your apps have taken place till date?
Our games and applications have received over 17,000 downloads from more than 43 countries. Currently, our applications are available for free download, so our earnings are through advertisers on our website. Of the $150 we have earned, we will be giving a substantial amount to charity as we strongly believe in the cause of educating underprivileged children. We receive a number of  resumés from people requesting to work with us. What’s surprising is that of the 30 plus resumés that we have received, about 15-20 of them are from IIT and IIM graduates.

What is Go Dimensions’ next app about?
We are working on a new game with motion-sensitive controls, which means
that you can manoeuvre the player by tilting the screen. The game will be called ‘Extreme Impossible 5’ and is based on the superhero theme. We also have some Android applications, which will soon be released.

What kind of apps can we expect from you in the future?
We are currently working on an application that will allow you to find a location using Google and then give you updated information on the traffic status, pollution levels, quality of shopping destinations, etc. Other users can view and benefit from these updates. The application is similar to Google maps, but a more advanced version. Also, unlike Google, which spent millions of dollars on Google maps, our application will be developed at a minimal cost.

What is the relation between this President and CEO at work and otherwise?
Our relation is exactly the same while discussing work and otherwise. We work really well together and there is a great degree of co-operation in our relationship. In fact, we never have any fights; except over chocolates.

As you two are ‘Youngest Tech Connoisseurs’, could you give a few success mantras for tech lovers and inventors?
Keep working on developing applications if you are interested in that, but at the same time don’t neglect your studies as that is really important as well. Also, while testing or designing applications, it is better to first design them for Android rather than Apple. This is because Apple has a really stringent  submission process; once we spent more than 3 hours answering the list of required questions!

What is the biggest lesson you have imbibed from your parents?
It was our dad who told us not to just play games but to learn from them and then make them. Our mother guides us in our studies and encourages us to enjoy our childhood and not spend all our time in front of the computer.

Does your company take time away from your studies?
Not at all. Once we come back from school, we spend two hours studying. For these two hours, we focus 100% on our studies and don’t waste that time. We then spend 1-2 hours working on our applications. We don’t really enjoy studying too much, we think the breaks should be increased in duration and general school timings should be reduced by 1-2 hours. Our teachers have
encouraged us a lot through this process.

Any other line you plan to venture into?
Sanjay: I really enjoy drawing cartoons. Both of us have worked on a couple of comic books and we hope to publish them sometime in the future.
Shravan : I enjoy cycling and singing as well as composing songs. Both of us enjoy skateboarding a lot.

Shravan and Sanjay’s Picks

•    Favourite Go Dimensions App: Catch me Cop
•    Role Models: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
•    Favourite App in the Market: Sketch Book Pro
•    Favourite Games: Amazing Alex and Subway Surfer
•    Favourite Gadgets:  Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the iMac


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