1 Cafe, New Delhi


The Arabian nights set up at 1 Café is sure to present you with an exotic time topped with a varied mouth-watering meal. Low comfortable sofas adorned with glamorous cushions like the ones in the middle-east to enhance your appetite. A pint of beer would cost Rs. 190 while solacing you with the live music being played. The timings are from 12 noon to 1 am, and the happy hours elongate widely from Monday to Thursday (12 noon-9 pm). The hazelnut coffee priced at Rs. 120 will make you nattily in love with it. The coffees under the ‘naughty stuff’ give you a double high of fun and serve as an aphrodisiac. Side snacks, soups, sandwiches, pastas, infinite maincourses, grills- this place gives you everything under the sun. If you are a fan of chicken and breast, relish the polo ala fungi priced at Rs. 305. This contains large strips of boneless chicken breast so that you eat without interruptions, and is topped with smoked mushroom. For the vegans, the marvellous kebabs starting at Rs. 200 are a must-try. Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines are offered invaried range here. Give yourself an Arabian night experience at 1 Café. M 89/90,1st Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi (Rs. 350 per person)

-Sunita Bhargav


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