India’s Romantic Terrain

Romantic destinations to travel in India

How about taking an out-of-city trip this Valentine’s Day? Sean Sequeira lists some of India’s most romantic destinations

February is an auspicious month for romantics with Valentine’s Day coming in exactly halfway through the month. Some like to stay home and watch a movie but others like to go out and have a fancy dinner. But one of the best and most romantic of gestures has to be taking a long distance trip to an unexplored place with your loved one. For Valentine’s Day, or just the month of February in general, here is some encouragement to go out and travel with a list of some of the most romantic destinations in India.


Nestled up in the Kashmir Valley is Srinagar, the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Surrounded by snow-clad mountains, this city has beautiful views and pleasant weather all year round.

Romantic things to do
• Do a Bollywood dance around the gardens of Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh which are known for their romantic, scenic beauty
• Feeding your partner fruits while you cruise on a houseboat on the Dal Lake is another opportunity to spend quality time with your loved one.


Darjeeling was developed as a hill station during the British Raj and continues to be a magnificent place to visit for its wonderful climate. It is an unconventional romantic destination for couples that want a break from the clichéd.

Romantic things to do
• Plucking some tea leaves to make a bouquet might be much appreciated by your significant other as you stroll through the hills of tea bushes.
• An early morning kiss is a great start to the day at Tiger Hills while watching the beautiful view of the sunrise over the Kanchenjunga Mountain.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One of only a handful of good island getaway destinations available in India, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are perfect for the couple that loves to be by  themselves in the beauty of nature.

Romantic things to do
• Play in the sand at the beach while holding hands with your partner and watching the palm trees sway in the breeze or enjoying the setting sun.
• Imagine you are Dora the Explorer and run around the islands together to explore and visit new places.


An unconventional romantic destination, Jodhpur is the perfect blend of being treated as a royal in the middle of a rustic setting. Some of the palaces have been converted into hotels to give you the perfect regal escape.


Romantic things to do
• Wear a bathrobe and role play as the king and queen as you walk through the beautiful palace corridors and hallways.
• Pretend to be acting in the film The Mummy as you ride on camels to visit the famous Balsamand Lake and Mandore Gardens.


Goa is all about the beaches; secluded beaches, beaches with cliffs, water sports, shacks, restaurants, flea markets and a lot more all at and around the coastline. There is something for everyone since Goa has two distinct lifestyles, laidback during the day and vibrant at night.

Romantic things to do
• Pick up a tan to show off to your friends as you and your partner sunbathe on the beach with a couple of drinks.
• Stick close to your partner in a club and move to the happening nightlife of Goa.


The backwaters of Kerala are internationally renowned as an important holiday destination. The highlight of the backwaters is the houseboats. Although air-conditioned, you could opt for a more rustic romance with lanterns to guide you in the houseboats. Alappuzha is a hotspot where plenty of houseboat cruises start and end.


Romantic things to do

• Imagine yourself as Steve Irwin as you appreciate the beauty of nature, hand-in-hand with someone you love.

• Feed each other with the delicacies of Kerala cuisine as you enjoy a meal under the starry night sky.



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