Impressions 2021: The Annual Cultural Festival Of COEP

Impressions 2021, coep

Established in 1854, College of Engineering Pune (COEP) has been the premier institution in making Pune the “Oxford of the East”. Being the third oldest engineering college in Asia, CoEP has proven its tenacity and superiority in Cultural events from time to time, winning laurels in prestigious events across the state and the country. Music, Arts, Dance, Acting and Backstage sections integrate these creative ideas, and aim to promote diverse innovation beyond conventional thinking, bringing out ground breaking artists with sheer talent, dedication and perseverance.

Impressions – the annual cultural festival of COEP started in the year 2016 with the motto – ‘By the artists, For the artists’. The main aim of starting a cultural fest in an engineering college was to provide the artists lying within the technical minds a platform to showcase their talent and explore the limitless world of art.

With a rising footfall every year Impressions continues to organize and conduct enthralling workshops in different domains including Mindfulness, content creation in an online mode pertaining to the pandemic situation. Impressions is all set to outdo itself in its upcoming 6th edition through all the unique events and competitions. Having this firm base and the experience of the first ever virtual and international edition, we released the theme for this edition – “Impressions 2021 – An Indian Odyssey” revolving around the very vibrant culture of our own beloved country. Indian culture being one of the oldest and most famous among various cultures of the world, is an amalgamation of different traditions and customs and how different communities present and organize themselves in terms of morality and etiquette. 

We come from a country preserving and teaching us the values of remembering, staying connected to our roots and practicing gratitude to our past. In this era of modernization, the youth tend to fly beyond borders inculcating and imbibing values of the world. Getting influenced by the novelty of these cultures, one can very naturally tend to forget the nuances, intricacies and diversity of the Indian culture encompassing numerous human values. Impressions 2021, takes this responsibility on its shoulders to guide the young generation towards the immensely blessed Indian culture through our theme – An Indian Odyssey to instil, praise and celebrate our vast culture and history.

Impressions comprises of seven main modules, namely Dance, Music, Acting, Arts N’ Crafts, Photography, Shoutout and Digital art representing the major art forms. For celebrating the artists lying within each one of us, several competitions have been arranged in a hybrid mode. Impressions 2021 witnessed the inauguration with the eminent actor, singer, director, producer – Mr. Sachin Pilgaonkar blessing the stage and giving the green signal to this artistic extravaganza. Impressions has been associated with various dynamic artists all around the world to listen to their words of wisdom and experiences. We have been tuning the hearts of our audience with the sensational voice of the very popular Anuv Jain. Impressions has also collaborated with senior artists like Mr. Shishir Sharma, Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar, Tulsi Kumar, Julia Bliss touching all the dimensions of art. Going international and extending our family of free minds celebrating art, we also collaborated with Alexandr Misko, an impeccable freestyle guitarist from Russia. 

Impressions this year, like every previous edition aims to set a new target, a goal of having an even larger community of likeminded individuals living in the artverse.

Join us on this journey on 17th, 18th and 19th December 2021!

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