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Secrets of the Art Millionaires, as the name suggests, has been written with the intention of demystifying and making transparent the aspects of the art industry that were its best kept secrets for ages. Through it, Durva Gandhi, art collector and founder of, exposes readers to the inner workings of the art industry. This book will appeal to readers, whether they’re art lovers or art geeks, art enthusiasts or even art enthusiasts in denial. The bottomline is that the subject of making money appeals to many and that is exactly what this book is all about, albeit through art. Whether one wants to invest in alternative assets or just wants to read for fun, this book will speak to them.

What is your book ‘Secrets of the Art Millionaires’ all about?
Secrets of the Art Millionaires is about exposing the hidden truths of the art industry that have been unknown for ages. These secrets have been kept under wraps by some in the industry who fear that if everyone knows the inside workings, they will have the same chances of getting rich with this powerful knowledge. Some fear competition and feel that they arrived at this knowledge after years of experience and hard work, and sometimes, after spending a fortune buying art and making expensive mistakes. Secrets of the Art Millionaires is a breakthrough in understanding the workings of the art market.

What inspired you to write ‘Secrets of the Art Millionaires’?
At Breathe Arts, our mission is to help people become abundantly wealthy through art. We empower artists, galleries, institutions, consultants, investors, collectors, writers, critics, curators, art students and art lovers, demystifying concepts and changing attitudes, replacing negative ways with positive.
In keeping in line with the mission at Breathe Arts, my book helps people become abundantly wealthy through their exposure in art. Knowledge that would otherwise be passed down from one generation to another, is all now available in this hand book which would be a must have for any person inside the industry or on the peripherals. No one would buy art without reading this manual, the bible of art that it is.

Does this book speak from your own experience or does it take from the experiences of other people in the industry?
I write from my own experience and none of the insights are good or bad they simply reflect my experience and the amazing results I have seen after applying these universal principles. If you want to further your knowledge and use it to your advantage, don’t just read this book – read it like the bible of art. This book will bridge the gap between your desire for success and your achievement of success in the art industry.


Volume 2 Issue 7