IIT (BHU)‘s Kashiyatra Makes A Majestic Return With More Than 60 Events Awaiting You


The IIT (BHU) Varanasi’s annual socio-cultural festival, Kashiyatra, offers a unique perspective through its alluring literary, musical, and artistic events. The largest North Indian cultural festival is this one. IIT (BHU) Varanasi is situated within the reverence of Banaras Hindu Institution, Asia’s largest residential university. Established in 1919, Kashiyatra’s legacy of more than a century further enhances its glories. Kashiyatra promotes many cultural practises and facets from all over the world and is held in Varanasi, which has been nominated as the first-ever SCO Tourism and Cultural Capital for 2022–2023. The 40th Kashiyatra will take place this year, a three-day festival with over 60 events and over 75,000 attendees.

Since its inception in 1981, Kashiyatra has given a platform to a variety of artists and performers, setting new standards of excellence. Kashiyatra has had tremendous success throughout the years and has received a tremendous amount of support from all across the world. Ritviz, The Local Train, Uneven, KK, Saleem Sulaiman, Amit Trivedi, Zakir Khan, Aakash Gupta, and a host of other artists have performed at prior Kashiyatra events. Additionally, international artists including ABout The Malaysian Beatboxer, Tiny Fingers Irish Circus Squarehead Productions, the Italian Odissi dancer Ileana, and many others performed. 

Kashiyatra caters to students from over 360 colleges across the country through magnificent competitions and provides exposure to an unending list of international artists. The events will be-

  • Abhinay– The Dramatics Event: Abhinay is the set of events where individuals exhibit their dramatic skills. Many sub-events come beneath the umbrella of Abhinay, which offers enough possibilities to budding artists to illustrate their feelings via diverse acts on stage.
  • Bandish– The Indian Music Event: Bandish is an event that collectively brings the shades of Indian music in front of you. It aims to promote upcoming Indian music masters who have the ability to enthral an audience with their musical prowess. Its many pursuits include solo and duet singing, band performances, and original compositions.
  • Crosswindz – The Western Music Band Event: Crosswindz is a western music event that is an exceptional mix of various genres of rock-associated metal music, The bands that perform on the stage of crosswinds leave a deep impact on our audience as they leave them yearning, making them scream “Once more”.
  • Toolika– The Fine Arts Event: The Kashiyatra fine arts competition, Toolika, promotes the mystique of art. It is a competition that celebrates the diversity of art forms and encourages their fusion to foster the emergence of new artistic trends. There are numerous artistic endeavours displayed, such as T-shirt painting, paper clothing creation, blow painting, soap carving, and many more. Prepare your paintbrushes, then spread the canvas with all of your artistic zeal.
  • Enquizta– The Quiz Event: Enquizta is a quiz contest that showcases the extraordinary intelligence of our nation’s children. Every corner of India enthusiastically participates in the quiz tournament. This test demonstrates the values of patriotism and loyalty to our country.
  • Mirage– The Lifestyle Event: Mirage is a lifestyle event that focuses on unveiling the cutting-edge traits of the style Industry. This glamorous occasion contains models hitting the ramp in trending Stylish attires showcasing exceptional works. Their confidence and beauty never fail to leave the audience astonished.
  • Natraj– The Dance Event: Natraj is a dance competition aimed toward presenting a platform for youngsters to skilled dancers to unleash their moves. Their clean transitions, unusual movements, and breathtaking stunts never fail to grasp the audience. Natraj includes diverse activities like group dance, solo performances, duets, and folk dance.
  • Samwaad– The Literary Event: Samvaad is the literary event of Kashiyatra, consisting of bilingual debate, elocution, extempore speaking, and creative writing competition. This incident confirms the maxim that verbal expression of feelings and the use of a pen is the most profound form of expression.

Apart from these amazing events, there will also be pronites, comedy nite, local artists performances, International artists performances and fun games which would be making the 40th edition of Kashiyatra the most entertaining and memorable event.

For more information about the event, visit our official website at https://www.kashiyatra.org.

For any queries, contact one of them – 

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