ICC T20 World Cup Summary: All You Need To Know Before The Finals

T20 World Cup

The final match of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 is tomorrow, on the 13th of November and the two teams who managed to make it to the finals are Pakistan and England. The Super-12 stage started on 22nd October.

The Super-12 stage of the T20 World Cup being played in Australia is over. Overall 42 group matches were played and during this 6 major upsets were seen. All 12 teams in the Super-12 stage have lost at least one match in the tournament. Not only this, 11 teams have won at least one match in these. Afghanistan was the only team in Group 1 that could not win any match.

The most interesting aspect of the tournament is that even though 42 matches have been played, the top 4 teams of the semi-finals came out in the last 5 matches. In this story, we will know which matches were upset in both groups and how the 4 teams got to the semi-finals.

There were a total of 6 teams including India in Group 2 of the Super-12 stage. All the teams have won at least one match in the group stage and also lost one match. India defeated Bangladesh. Bangladesh defeated the Netherlands. The Netherlands beat Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe beat Pakistan. Pakistan beat South Africa. At the same time, South Africa defeated India.

In this way, neither team dominated unilaterally in Group 2 nor any team got out of the World Cup by losing unilaterally.

Like in Group 2, all the teams in Group 1 also lost at least one match. 5 out of 6 teams in this group also won a match. Afghanistan was the only team that could not win any match.

New Zealand beat Australia in Group 1. Australia beat Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka defeated Ireland. Ireland defeated England. England beat New Zealand.

At the same time, Afghanistan was defeated by 3 teams. In this way, all the teams in this group have lost at least one match. New Zealand and England have reached the semi-finals from Group 1. Both the semi-finalists were decided by the last two matches of Group 1. 

The results of the semi-finals were that Pakistan defeated New Zealand by 7 wickets to enter the finals on Wednesday and England beat India by 10 wickets on Thursday. 

The finals will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground tomorrow, between Pakistan and England.


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