How Educational Institutions Can Up Their Game Through QuadC

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The pandemic period provided the necessary push for many higher education institutions to adopt new processes and solutions in how they provide student support services.  With many institutions traditionally ready to operate in a physical on-campus environment, students were no longer able to connect with most services they needed to succeed.

While the adoption of technology to help manage remote and/or hybrid operations has found success for many institutions, colleges and universities will need to be prepared to weather the significant lose revenue of declining student enrollment numbers while ensuring to retain the students they have.  Higher education institutions will need to invest in cost effective, easy to roll-out solutions that students actually enjoy using.

A new player that is rapidly becoming adapted by many universities and colleges, is helping administrators and student delivery resources gain the flexibility to deliver core resources, launch new programs and have the necessary platform to invest in future opportunities.

What Is QuadC?

QuadC is a service-based organization that assists educational institutions in delivering academic support services more efficiently to increase student recruitment and retention. It is an excellent way to help pupils outside of the classroom, and its dependable solutions have radically transformed the way educational institutions operate. QuadC streamlines the time-consuming process of managing all student services operations (including tutoring, mentoring, writing support and much more), and its revolutionary features also boost efficiency, program scope, and student data protection.

QuadC has improved the educational system, emphasizing a worldwide scale. More and more educational institutions rely on its solutions to provide students with a positive learning experience and instructors with a solid teaching experience.

How does QuadC work?

The QuadC tutoring management platform aids the university’s dynamic approach to student achievement. It allows supplemental instruction leaders to have virtual office hours, organizes in-person programs including drop-in centers and workshops, plus it enables administrators to easily manage and schedule staff. It also has a real-time monitoring capability that enables coordinators to guarantee that students and instructors follow academic integrity guidelines. QuadC has helped both University students and professors when implemented into everyday operations.

The platform can preserve distinct processes for different tutoring programs at educational institutions. Moreover, it provides a user-friendly and intuitive experience for students and instructors, and it is critical in connecting students in Tutoring Centers across many campuses with appropriate academic help. On a unique level, the platform adds protection by allowing administrators to track and supervise all program activity, including student-tutor messaging.

Why Choose QuadC?

QuadC provides self-registration and profiles for tutors (and students) with an integrated vetting mechanism to save administrative burden in matching students with resources. A student centric user experience reduces unnecessary burden’s on administrators while still providing them the overall ultimate management tools to ensure everything runs smoothly. The advantages of the solutions supplied to the academic institution are low maintenance, the convenience of use, and extensive coverage.

Further more, administrators enjoy the high-level overview, analytics, reports, and administrative access to manage/approve and act as needed. Furthermore, it features a scalable system for managing peak demand and future development and support for pre-approved sites for in-person teaching. QuadC has curated all of the operations mentioned above in a single platform.

Top 7 services offered by QuadC

1. QuadC assists students in connecting with academic tutors, mentors, coaches, instructors, professors and advisors to establish a trusting and supportive connection that will lead to future success.

2. By collaborating closely with higher education institutions to assist their strategic ambitions, QuadC can deliver a progressive modernization department/center deployment or a full-scale, campus-wide program.

3. It also provides a low-cost, adaptable student success software platform that can connect all your services from 1:1 support, drop-in, assignment help, group sessions, and much more. It also offers a customizable SaaS approach that gives you all the tools you need to perform academic support services safely and securely.

4. QuadC has been used for many additional learning opportunities including peer to peer tutoring, outreach programs to high schools, connecting alumni with existing students and much more.

5. QuadC’s highly customizable channels increase communication and cooperation between student peers, administrators, professors, advisers, mentors, and coaches.

6. QuadC also connects and unifies all career services in one location. It also allows you to track the efficacy of your services by looking at employment rates and scheduling with employees, employers, and business partners.

7. QuadC can be used for internal staff training and coaching. It also promotes instructional quality by enhancing educators’ professional growth.


QuadC continues to prove itself to be advantageous and affordable for both small and large educational institutions. For program administrators, deans, and provost looking for an easier platform to deploy that will impact student retention, continue to rely on QuadC. Managing a student success center is not easy.

QuadC collaborates strategically with institutions to integrate its student success platform into students’ lifecycle learning journey. If you are looking for a modern solution to help support students outside the classroom, you can reach out to the QuadC team for a free demo, as well as, discuss potential pilot programs. Helping student’s succeed as never been easier.


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