Moving Back In With Your Parents? This 5 Points Plan Will Help You Cope

moving with Parents

Moving out of your parent’s house and shifting to a different city or country is liberating, especially for an Indian. Although you miss parents at a certain point in time, you also equally enjoy living by your own rules without anyone nagging you. 

Studying or working in a new city is an experience that is inexplicable. The freedom to live life your way is addictive. The Indian youth loves this liberation, especially because having your own personal space and life in India is fancy for many. Thus, the thought of moving back with your parents is haunting. 

Living with your parents after living alone independently for a few years can be extremely difficult. This change is more challenging than moving to a new city. Sometimes though we are left with no choice but to move back in. Coping with this change can be daunting, but eventually, it does get better if you go about it the right way. 

These tips will surely help you cope with the moving in

Remember you are a grown adult and act like it 

When you left home for studying purposes, you were still in the shell. You’re not now. You are a full-grown adult who has stayed away from home taking complete responsibility for yourself. Let that be visible to your parents. This way they won’t micro-manage you; something we all hate. 

Set and convey your boundaries clearly 

After living alone for two-three years, you have now developed your own way of living which is dear to you. You wouldn’t want anything changing that and that is totally okay. Convey this to your parents. Consider your personal space as well. Most of our parents have a habit to question everything we do or to comment on everything we do in our lives. Who we meet, who we are friends with, how much salary we should earn or even when should we wake up in the morning. Make it clear to them about the things that you don’t want them to be a part of. They might think you are disobeying them, but don’t forget, you are an adult and can live life the way you want. 

Enter in with a plan of moving out 

In western countries, children move out of their parent’s house at teenage and start living independently unlike in India. Here we stress the importance of living in joint families. The times, however, are changing. If you wish to live independently, go ahead and do that. Keep looking for a job outside your hometown. Plan how you can move out of your parents’ house again, this time for real.  

Offer to run errands or buy groceries 

This is another way to show that you indeed have grown up and can take responsibility for the house. These little actions can go a long way in your parents stopping to treat you like a child and letting you be. If you are out somewhere, make sure you pick up some groceries while on your way back home. Offer to run errands like paying bills, or picking up dry cleaning.

If you don’t have a job, get one. Financial independence is the key 

If you have returned home after the completion of your higher studies, take up a job or atleast an internship. Don’t be financially dependent on your parents atleast for your daily expenses. Being financial independent frees you from being under the control of someone because no one will be paying your bills. This gives you the freedom of doing things your way even though you will be living with your parents. 

Living with your parents can surely be difficult, but make sure you respect their space and thinking too. If you are living under their roof, put efforts to respect their boundaries and rules as well. Do what you feel outside the house, but make sure you maintain the decorum set by your parents when you step into their house. 


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