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Nestled in the valley in Karjat, with the magnificent mountains as a backdrop, the 40- acre campus of Universal Business School (UBS) looks more like a green sojourn than a business school. The idea is to be as green as possible, even in thinking. In fact, that is the primary goal of the promoters, to inculcate a green approach to business and in a larger sense, to life. “In fact, that is one of the key areas where we aim to be different,” says Tarun Anand, Co-founder, UBS, adding,
“A sustainable campus can be created anywhere. What we want is to create sustainable thought processes. What I mean is encouraging students to think ecologically even during classes, within the scope and purview of their subject matter.”
In-keeping with this thought, every student at UBS will engage in a project based on the ‘green parts of business’. There will be considerable focus on sustainability, employing the latest available ecological technologies towards influencing students to become model environmental citizens of the world. “UBS students will be sensitised about environmental concerns and why each manager must contribute towards the corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals of his/ her orgranisation. This foundation will be laid in this project they take up,” says Principal Foudner Gurdip Anand.
With the idea of ‘green’ becoming all pervasive, soon there will be a breed of management professionals following their duties not only as leaders but also as responsible citizens.








Green Facts

  • Double heighted ceilings to allow for wind tunnel effect to flow through,  allowing for reduction of cooling needs and reduction of energy
  • Wall cladding to prevent heat penetration from outside, reducing electricity costs
  • Double glazed glass to ensure external heat is not transmitted internally, thereby reducing the cooling requirements
  • Rain water harvesting with the help of retaining walls and mini-dams
  • Effective garbage disposal system
  • Green thinking will be an essential part of the curriculum, no matter what the subject – finance, marketing or production
  • Green specific electives like Green Financing, Green Manufacturing and Sustainability Management taught by professors from Harvard
  • Procured construction material like bricks and stones from the local villages, thus reducing transportation costs
  • 40 per cent of the campus space devoted to organic farming

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