Goa Institute Of Management Is Back With Inception 2023


Goa Institute of Management has been a platform for the finest talents and the brightest  minds of the country. The uniqueness of GIM lies in its plethora of student clubs and the  opportunity they provide to the students. The Institute has always been a great support in  providing the students with a stage to showcase their skills in the domain of Performing Arts. 

Inception, the Performing Arts Society of Goa Institute of Management organizes events  promoting creativity, talent, and art forms ranging across the spectrum for students  throughout the year. Inception provides students with a platform to shed their inhibitions and  showcase their talent. Inception aids in showcasing the craft of the students leading to the  creation of leaders who are not only academically sound but also artistically inclined. 

Our flagship event, Inception 2023, the Annual Cultural, Music, and Food Festival, is a 2-day  extravaganza, to be held on the 18th – 19th February 2023, is focused on celebrating art  through dance, singing, stand-ups, and band performances. Being one of the most famous  food festivals in the city, it serves as a stage to showcase food delicacies from around the country. The event’s fun, music, food, and vibe have made it a consistent grand success over  the past decade, and Inception is here again to continue the legacy. 

In the past, Inception has witnessed several big names from the world of music and stand-up  comedy including artists like When Chai Met Toast, The Yellow Diary, Rahul Subramanian,  Black In White, Kabir Café, Abhishek Upamanyu, Crimson Tide, The Pineapple Express,  Sheldon D’Silvia, and many more.  

This year Inception has collaborated with some of the renowned names in the industry such  as Saregama, Inox Leisure, mCaffeine, Hell Energy, Goa Party Circle, The Tiffin Factory,  Coco Soul, Instax, Safexpress, Kernel Pops, Sneaker Republic and many more. 

The festival’s stage is set to witness some big names from the Indian music and stand-up  industry. Keep yourself in the loop to find more!


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