Get down with Karaoke


On Valentine’s Day, Tata Sky announced the launch of a new video-based music service, Karaoke, in partnership with Karaoke is a fun, party-time activity with an intimate group of friends, and is a great way to both enjoy a song and feel like a star while belting out the song. Unlike other traditional Karaoke services, Tata Sky’s Karaoke service showcases music videos along with lyrics which enhance the overall singing experience. A distinctive feature of the service is the ‘Sur Meter’ that rates an individual’s singing performance and provides for interesting competition opportunities. The song library will be refreshed on a monthly basis to keep boredom at bay.

Karaoke systems available in the market are very expensive. At just Rs 1990 for a mike and annual subscription, the Tata Sky Karaoke service is more affordable. Ongoing annual subscription will cost only Rs 600. One album will always be available free for subscribers to sample the service. Albums available on the service include popular songs of Salman Khan, romantic hits, party hits and a range of foot tapping songs from Sonu Nigaam, Shreya Ghoshal and many others.

The service will be   available from 20 February 2014 and can be enjoyed by subscribers of the Tata Sky+ HD box.


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