Genderless Beauty Products For All, Because Men Are Worth It Too

Beauty Products
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Personal maintenance is essential for the body as well as the mind. It makes people more energetic, boosts confidence, and is good for self-esteem since appearance has become a significant criterion for evaluating one’s self-worth. For the last century, self-care has been overwhelmingly directed towards women while men continue to go au naturel occasionally using some moisturizer but sadly that is it. Gone are the days when going for a massage, getting beauty services, or using beauty products, was considered feminine. Personal care for men is no longer limited to grooming a beard or styling hair. 

While some people mistakenly associate self-maintenance with specific sexual orientation, it is completely false. Beauty is meant for everyone and not just women. For an increasing number of men, personal care and beauty products are becoming a norm. Nobody necessarily needs these products but if you want to use them, you shouldn’t shy away from them irrespective of your gender. So here is a list of basic beauty products which can be used by everyone because why should girls have all the fun?


This pocket-friendly product can save you from the embarrassment of having cracked lips. You certainly don’t want to hang out with your friends or deliver a presentation in front of your colleagues while they stare at your chapped lips. Chapped lips can be an indication that you are lousy at even taking care of your own self. Chapstick prevents your lips from drying out and hence becomes an indispensable product for everyone. Moreover, it can also prevent you from frostbite by rubbing it over the exposed skin. So, what are you waiting for, add one to your shopping list today!

2. Blow Dryer

This is probably the most basic gadget for everyone who wants to have amazing hair. It saves time as it hardly takes a few minutes to dry hair using a hairdryer which otherwise takes hours, sometimes. It is not just time-efficient, it can also be used for styling, you can straighten your hair using the dryer without the use of chemical-based products like hair gel. Even if you are not into much styling, it helps you get rid of that frizzy hair that nobody wants. Not to mention, hairdryer gives you a star feel and hence boosts your confidence. So, if you want your hair to have a perfect look, get a hairdryer!

3. Tweezers

This is probably the oldest self-care tool which continues to remain vital to beauty kits. This reliable grooming device is used to manage eyebrows, ear hair or hair in other areas. Nobody wants to go out looking like a beast with unkempt bushy brows or gross out your peers by your ear hair, which is why a pair of tweezers is essential for everyone. Moreover, it’s also a crucial part of a good first aid kit and can also be used for many life hacks, so buy a pair of tweezers today!

4. Facial Brush

Facial brushes are a blessing for all those chaps out there, who are too lazy to come up with a good skincare routine, thank you to the latest technology. These brushes perform a similar function to scrubbing but are more efficient since their fine bristles gently exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Weekly use can show amazing results with reduced appearance of blackheads, bumps, and blemishes. Using a facial brush gives everyone a fresh and ready-to-go-out look. There is a proper method of using this product which should be followed by all for healthier, fatigue-free skin. 

5. Face Mask

Face masks are absolute bliss. They are easy to use and come in a variety for all skin types and requirements. They can be used by everyone since they help in unclogging pores, deep cleaning skin, removing excess oils and leave you with glowing, energetic skin. They can also be therapeutic in nature since many have essential oil like mint and rosemary in them which stimulate the senses and lift your spirits. Salon type treatment for your skin gives you a feeling of a spa for your face. So, don’t forget to pamper your skin using a face mask and have a gala time!

6. Mousse Cream

This is a cream with an air-light formula that makes your skin silky smooth and gives you a fabulous appearance. It glides on your skin evenly and makes your skin look fresh and energized while also giving you a non-shimmery matt finish. This cream can be used on a daily basis by everyone as it is non-cakey and gives a natural look while also hydrating your skin. Add a mousse cream to your daily getting ready routine today!

Lastly, while these basic products do enhance your beauty regimen and contribute to your maintenance, your overall maintenance should not be just limited to these products. For overall well being one should indulge in yoga, gyming, meditation, maintaining a healthy and balanced eating diet, because these factors too, help in bettering our health and overall experience. 


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