GaMe: or Lame?


Battlefield 3: Aftermath
If your earlier Battlefield experience had novel techniques incorporated into your gaming experience, here’s a shot at adept graphology, several pitches, excitement and a complete range of action, sans gunships.

Gameplay: Markaz Monolith, together with low-rises to steer through, narrow alleys for flying choppers and rolling tankers to grind around, create sophisticated destruction. With several access spots and unassailable corners, excitement engulfs your action. Markaz Monolith, not the pick of the pack, still outshines Armored Kill.

Environment and Maps: Epicenter, the most intriguing map, uses focus as its mainstay. Classically Rush – the matches played on this map are simply captivating. Debris, defending capture points, sniper-covers, are all great for conquest. Secrets unfold gradually.
Azadi Palace eases into the better ranks of Battlefield 3 maps presenting an opportunity for online combat. Talah Market, as a topping to the maps, is infantry based. Its difficulty lies in ensuing complex team play towards winning.

Final Verdict: Online shooting skill is being tested here and the maps are simply enchanting. Put aside your analytical views, spoilt rotten with complex gaming, and you’re left with an easy and relaxed experience. An experience you can keep returning to.

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution

Rating :

Trendy wheels, tremendous tricks: Stunt School Revolution gives you a supercar
or maybe a classic with an objective that’s underlined.


Gameplay: Fun-filled but missing out on alternatives, in both confrontation and intensity. However, design your options and hold yourself captive to the  experience of racing.

Upgrades: Distinct and critical in your final analysis

Final Verdict: Upgrades will draw you into the game and keep you hooked.

Harsh Keswani



Volume 2 Issue 8


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