International Education Comes Home When Foreign Universities Tie Up With Indian Institutes

Foreign Universities
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With the right kind of knowledge, education and experience, you can accomplish almost everything you have ever wanted in your professional career. Though there has been an impressive growth in the education sector worldwide, education yet remains to be an expensive affair.  Irrespective of this, a majority of Indian families strive to gather the required finance to be able to provide their child with a rich quality education. Some send their children abroad to study, while some enrol him/her in the top educational institutes of the country. Many however wish to acquire education from foreign universities only, but due to varied reasons fail to do so. 

The Indian education sector has identified this concern and is adopting approaches to address the same. One of the most effective approaches has been the welcoming of foreign universities into the Indian educational spectrum. More and more education institutes (public as well as private) of India are joining hands and collaborating with the foreign universities with the motive of making international level education available to Indian students in India itself. 

University of Michigan
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A perfect example of this would be a tie-up between the University of Michigan and various renowned Indian educational institutes like AIIMS, Delhi, IISER, Pune, Shristi School of Design, Bangalore, Salokaya School of Nursing, Delhi, and many more. 

Recently, the president of the University of Michigan, Dr Mark Schlissel, had flown down to India to join hands with few more institutes. He states that the University of Michigan majorly focuses on research-based collaboration with institutes like AIIMS where research on topics like brain injury, cancer, heart disease, etc are carried out by Indian Science students along with professors of the University of Michigan. The university also provides executive education which is framed mainly for the business professionals of India who wish to hone their skills to progress in their careers. Small business courses are provided to such individuals here in India, the syllabus of which is taught by the professors of the university themselves. 

Dr Mark Schlissel (President, University Of Michigan)

The University of Michigan also provides many online courses as well to students across the world via platforms like Coursera and edX. The university has educated around 6 million students till now out of which 6 lakh belong from India. The most popular courses that a majority of students opt for are Computer Programming, Programming Languages like Python, Data Science, Data Analytics, etc. 

Another way in which the university is reaching out and educating students in varied fields is through its Centre for Academic Innovation. The centre aims to change and improve the way knowledge is imparted and learned. Since the information is easily available in abundance, the centre strives to teach its students how to ask the right questions and gather only that information which is important.  It aims to improve and personalise teaching so that every student can learn what he/she wishes to learn in entirety. 

All the courses taught in the classrooms of the University of Michigan are uploaded online in the form of data for the benefits of those who cannot afford to study in the university physically. Since the internet is easily accessible to all, Indians too, get the chance to learn the taught subjects. 

Such tie-ups with foreign universities benefit the Indian students largely. There are many reasons that hamper the willing students from flying abroad to study. The major reason is financial incapacity. Foreign education is expensive as it not just includes tuition fees but also includes other living expenses. The second reason is when a working individual wishes to receive foreign education but can’t, as he is also the sole family bearer. In such and similar scenarios, it is these collaborations that came to the rescue.


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