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Payal Kothari of Veruschka Shoes talks to Youth Inc about her store, her inspirations and everything shoes

Payal Kothari

How is Veruschka Shoes different from other shoe brands?

Veruschka By Payal Kothari is about the passion for shoe making. Every Veruschka shoe is made in-house using a comfortable mould to drape a shoe thus there is a consistency in size and comfort unlike high-street shoe brands that use several different factories to make their shoes and no consistency and lack consistency in their product.  This is what sets us apart from every other shoe brand in the market.

All designs are made keeping in mind aesthetic appeal and interior composition and questions of trends are addressed when designing a collection. Thus each shoe is in keeping with the seasons trends and we use international techniques to create a shoe.

Apart from this, Veruschka is one of those few brands in the country that customise shoes as per the clients’ requirement.

What inspires your designs?

Travel, travel and more travel.I am not sure if I travel to get inspired for work or work so I can travel. No matter where I travel, my shoes have a certain element of architecture that most often comes with the vertiginous heels Veruschka is known for. Each shoe is a miniature piece of architecture to me on which the foot sits.

If not a shoe designer, which career would you chose?

I have an inclination towards architecture. If not a shoe designer I would have been an architect.

How would you describe your personal shoe style

For me, it’s a mixture of comfort and style. I like shoes that are easy to slip on and character to my attire.

Your preferred shoe designer or brand

Elie Saab and Kenneth Cole.

Words of advice for aspiring shoe designers

Try to understand the business of shoe making along with its design aspect. Both areas are equally important to be a successful designer.

A book you’d recommend to our readers

Teachings from Tibet-Guidance from Great Lamas. I carry it with me everywhere I travel.


Read more in the August 2014 issue of Youth Incorporated magazine


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