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Think of a fresh white shirt, butterflies in your stomach, a lot of nervous energy, resolve to prove yourself, and dreams of making it big in the corporate world. Your first job may seem daunting when you are lounging at home, wearing your favourite torn jeans and chilling with friends. The evolution from the university campus to the corporate conference room can be one of the most challenging transitions, if one does not go in well prepared. Here are some basics that everyone should be aware of when starting a new job.


It is not only the technical and knowledge-based skills but the underlying behavioural and soft skills that play important roles in determining your success at any organisation. Remember that you are being keenly observed by everyone from the CEO to the office boy, so keep a smile on your face and the positive attitude of a team player, to begin with.

Be helpful

Expect a lot of unexciting tasks: these could range from filing papers to creating database files to making phone calls. Hang in there, everyone from an MBA to a college graduate has to go through this. Give ideas and suggestions but don’t overstep the mark. Don’t share your opinion on the budgets and business strategy of the company in your first week at work unless you are invited to do so. Be friendly and participate in all team-building activities. Your enthusiasm is bound to be appreciated.


Be ready to absorb every bit of information like a sponge. Keenly observe the behaviour of those around and the dynamics within the organisation. You will be surprised by what you can learn within the first few days from just observing and listening to people around you. This information will help you in handling people effectively without getting yourself entrenched in office politics. Do not wait around for instructions, now is the time to display that proactive approach mentioned in your resume. Take the initiative by asking questions and make points of the information given to you to save yourself from asking the same question again. Use your spare time to get familiar with protocols and procedures, and understanding the hierarchy of the organisation memorising, names of colleagues and their roles.

Show your appreciation

Remember to thank and show your appreciation to everyone who helps you. The importance of the general staff is often undermined, while the truth is quite contrary; these are the people who will help you the most in your hour of need. It is extremely important to be polite and establish a rapport with them.

Acknowledge your limits

If you do not know something you are asked by a client during your initial days, there is absolutely no harm in saying, “Please let me check this and get back to you.” Ensure that you do get back as promised. Your honesty will be appreciated as opposed to giving incorrect information and getting yourself into trouble sooner or later!
Remember to be honest, open, and ready to learn and you will conquer this new domain with flying colours. Good luck!

Mahesh Nazare, Director of a corporate training company, Red Dot Trainings, gives us his tips for fresh recruits:

  • Drop your perceptions: When entering the corporate world, make sure you enter with a clear head. A preconceived notion that bosses are bad might actually move you in that direction. Instead, your boss might be extremely instrumental in your career growth.
  • Be knowledge-hungry: Be extremely proactive and driven to grasp knowledge from your fellow team members and seniors. Start networking!
  • Learn professional effectiveness: Be professional but approachable in all aspects. Your effectiveness as an employee will build trust and you will get to climb the ladder soon.
  • Watch your dress code: Look good, feel good, and perform well. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! All the best!

SAWAN AGARWAL, 19, tells us about his first week at Rave Media Production House

Standing in front of the office entrance for the first time was almost like entering a graveyard at midnight. The workplace seemed to be a haunted place where all the monsters were waiting for my arrival!
I had mixed feelings going in; I was very happy that my dream of working with a reputed company was coming true. But I had butterflies in my stomach, wondering how my colleagues would behave with me and whether I would be able to adjust in the work environment as compared to campus life.

I met a variety of people, most of whom were helpful and generous, ready to answer my questions, and guide me. That being said, there were also some people with a cocky attitude and an ego larger than life, but still from whom I could grasp a great deal. It was actually a good experience as I got to deal with different types of people.
I started working with the perception that jobs aren’t scary, but bosses are. My boss was irritating, impulsive, hyperactive, dominating and more. He would give suggestions or pass comments even before I started talking. He was a typical nightmare boss, but I realised with time that I had learned a lot from his teaching and he had made me a better copywriter.


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