Borrow Your Festive Look From These Fashion Influencers This Ganesh Chaturthi

Image Source: Instagram

Our beloved Bappa is on his way, and like always we cannot contain our excitement of his aagman. The day we welcome Bappa in our homes always has a pious and festive vibe. This said we all dress up well to celebrate this festival. Visiting each other’s homes to pay our respects to Ganesha is a yearly tradition we all look forward to. It gives us an added reason to meet our loved ones. This, however, always gets us thinking about what to wear on the occasion. So if you too are facing the same predicament this year, we have brought to you some of the most simple, decent and classy looks that our fashion influencers have pulled off beautifully. 

You can also borrow your favourite celebrities’ looks this festive season

These looks are very easy to pull off and will look great for the smallest of small darshan at a friend’s place to as grand as a night aarti at a family member’s place. So pick your favourite and start styling! 


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