Falafels (INR 600 for 2)




CUISINE: Lebanese
BITES AND BOOZE: Falafels has a chain of branches dotted across South Mumbai and a great option due to the serious dearth of above average Lebanese cuisine outlets. However, never one to turn a falafel down, We jumped at the opportunity to try the new summer menu. Our menu comprised of the Firecracker Falafel Wrap, the Basil and Sundried Tomato Tostada, the Piri Piri Hummus, the Mango Yogurt Shake and their Pink Lemonade. Considering that it was nearly 35 degrees outside, we started off by sipping on the Lemonade and the Mango Yogurt Shake, both of which were deliciously refreshing. The Pink Lemonade had the perfect amount of tang to it, and the Shake was decadent and not too sweet. Our food was delivered a little beyond our lunchtime, but the wait was worth it. Our first bite into the Firecracker Falafel Wrap was a colourful one, with bursts of spicy flavours enthralling our taste buds. The Basil and Sundried Tomato Tostada was equally appetising with its herby flavours and the perfect crunch. We also tried the BBQ Falafel, which is an absolute delight for BBQ sauce lovers. The Piri Piri Hummus was sadly, a disappointment due to the fact that it was too salty for our liking.
FAB OR DRAB: Overall, Fafafel’s new menu does way better than most Lebanese outlets in the city. There isn’t one item on the menu that we don’t like, and our particular favourite was the delicious Firecracker Falafel Wrap. They can expect a second order from us sometime soon.
ADDRESS: 6/A, B Block , Khalakdina Terr ace, August Kranti Marg , Gowalia Tank, Mumbai


Volume 6 Issue 1


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