Dressing Expensive – When on a Budget


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t dress expensive. We decode ways to make your thrift buys look way more costly than they actually are

Cardigans & Vests

A jacket can make an outfit look much more crisp than it actually is. Play up your look with a blazer, a denim jacket or a cardigan.

Globus – Rs. 749

Ripfly – Rs. 1,399

Trsmode – Rs. 1,960


Haute Curry – Rs. 1,543

Mix & Match

One of the most convenient ways to draw the attention away from your cheaper, budget-friendly buys is by mixing them up with your expensive purchases. A thrift shirt with a pair of great jeans or a pair of shoes or bag that completes your look works well.

Dark Colurs

When making buys off the streets, choose tones like black, navy and maroon instead of hot pinks, brig ht reds and funky greens; the darker the colours the richer the feel.


Accessorising is the key to making any look polished. If you’re a girl, choose statement necklaces or earrings. For guys, watches and belts work well.

Fastrack – Rs. 1,895






Forever21 – Rs. 486



Fayon – Rs. 477






Youshine – Rs. 489





Volume 3 Issue 9


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