Do It Yourself – Bib Neck Pieces



  • White felt
  • Scrap Cotton Fabric
  • Simple Chain with Clasp
  • Hot glue gun or Feviquik
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

Step 1:
Cut the white felt in 1.5 inch diameter circles. Five circles should be enough.

Step 2:
Cut the scrap fabric in circles of 1.5-inch diameter – cut about 30 of these.

Step 3:
Fold the fabric bits into little cones and apply hot glue to ensure they stay in that shape.

Step 4:
Start sticking the fabric cones onto the white felt circles. Stick 5-6 on each felt circle piece to create a flower.

Step 5:
Allow time for the flowers to dry.

Step 6:
Cut the chain half way down the middle. Apply hot glue generously to the back of 2 flowers and stick the open ends of the chain to them.

Step 7:
Stick the flowers on a piece of felt in the desired shape.

Step 8:
Cut around the necklace and you’re ready!

Volume 1 Issue 11


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