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Skin Tightening Method
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Worrying about sagging skin? Does ageing skin make you feel underconfident? Well, now you have an array of skin treatments for sagging and ageing skin, as suggested by dermatologists.

People have been trying to diminish the signs of ageing to look youthful and confident. This need has given the birth of a whole new branch of medicine known as cosmetic dermatology. This branch involves therapies and treatments to enhance a person’s look with advanced treatments for wrinkles, sagging skin and more.

Why Is Skin Tightening Required?

Our skin contains a lot of collagen. This collagen is a type of protein that makes your skin elastic and supple. As you age, your body decreases the production of collagen, which leads to less elasticity of the skin over time. 

Along with this, factors such as pollution, stress, food habits and various environmental reasons, the skin starts to look saggy and stretched. Pregnancy and weight loss treatments can also contribute to saggy skin. But no matter the reason that caused your skin to become saggy and dull, you can always go for certain treatments as per your skin condition and type. 

Skin Tightening Treatments By Dermatologists

To get the proper skin tightening effect, you must consult with a dermatologist who specialises in cosmetic treatments. No drugstore anti-ageing skin care product can give you the results you are looking for. Three are many non-surgical methods of treatments for sagging skin that is quick and convenient. Consult with the best dermatologist in Bangalore and get your skin checked for skin tightening treatments. 

Dermatologists can perform sin treatments at their clinic or your home depending on the type of treatment and your skin condition. 

The following are some of the best skin tightening treatments suggested by dermatologists.

Radiofrequency Treatments

One of the most advanced skin tightening treatment methods is the use of radiofrequency. It is a non-surgical treatment option for wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of ageing. This process is done in a dermatologist’s clinic, and it requires no incision. If your skin has not reacted the way you exerted to laser skin treatments, radiofrequency is the next best option for you. It has minor to even no side effects.

Two of the most popular radiofrequency treatments done by dermatologists are:

  • Thermalift- This process restores the collagen to the skin with the use of controlled radio waves. The radio waves are given to the targeted spots that you want to tighten. This process is easy, and mostly topical anaesthesia is done. It also requires no recovery time.
  • Thermage- This process mostly involves one session. But some may also require multiple sessions as per their skin condition. The results start to show after a few weeks, and it generally takes four months to give the exact effect.

Velashape Treatment

With the help of a device that targets a certain area of the skin and shrinks the fat cells is known as the velashape. This device is used to send infrared waves into your skin and make it look supple and younger. This process does not require anaesthesia. Only after several sessions can one see any visible results. 

Botox Treatments

Probably, the most popular skin tightening treatment method is the use of botox injections. In this process, a highly purified form of protein is injected into a specified area of skin by the dermatologist. The effect of the injections starts getting visible after 2 to 5 days. You will see the maximum effect on the targeted skin, where your skin will feel and look youthful without any signs of ageing or sagging skin. This treatment makes your skin appear younger, firmer and creates a fresh look. 

Filler Treatment

If you are looking for more specific treatments, such as softening the wrinkles around the eyes or lips or diminishing fine lines around your lips and chin, fillers are the best options. The dermatologist will administer local anaesthesia before injecting derma fillers. This treatment makes your skin appear naturally hydrated, supple and youthful. Derma filler injections work great for lips, bridge of the nose and cheeks. 

Thread Lift Treatment

This treatment uses thread to lift the skin. It is best done on a sagging neck, face and cheeks. Even for the abdomen and arms, thread lift can be used. This is a minimally invasive skin lift treatment. You cannot expect the results to stay permanently. Thread lift will stay with you for at least three years. 

Ultrasound Treatments

Ultrasound facelift is a technique in which high-frequency ultrasound is used for the face and neck. This is a one-off treatment that helps clients to achieve toned, firm and youthful skin fast. 

Cost of Skin Tightening Treatments

Your insurance does not cover non-invasive skin treatments. So the treatment cost goes from your pocket. But that should not discourage you as the bajaj health card gives you the facility to pay your treatment cost in easy instalments. 

The general factors that will determine your treatment cost are:

  • Kind of treatment you choose.
  • Number of treatments or appointments you need
  • Your target skin areas.
  • Type of results you are looking for.


You should always seek a dermatologist’s suggestion for any type of skin treatment. A proper diagnosis of your skin is required before undergoing any skin tightening treatment. It is better not to invest in commercial anti-ageing products. Result-oriented treatment methods can be only recommended by a trained dermatologist.

Bottom Line

Skin tightening treatments vary as per the client’s needs and skin conditions. Not everyone will have the same outcome with a specific treatment. This is why one must have realistic expectations. Some treatments are expensive, and some are affordable. But the most essential task is to choose the right dermatologist. Find the right skin specialist and learn more about skin tightening treatments. 

Plus, remember that ageing is an inevitable process. Premature aging and sagging of skin for any specific reason can be successfully treated. But you cannot stop the natural ageing signs. You can only slow it down. 


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