Collegify is an international process driven educational consultancy firm located in five cities across two countries.
* Collegify consults students applying within India and abroad for undergraduate, post-graduate and MBA courses.
* Instead of providing typical consultancy services, they have opted for a ‘mentorship’ oriented process. Each student is assigned an individual mentor who strives to help the student reach his ‘perfect fit’ institution based on his individual requirements.
* Collegify has organized trips to colleges in the US and will be offering trips to colleges in the UK and Singapore as well in the coming years.
* The trip hopes to provide highly motivated applicants an opportunity to experience college life first- hand. Additionally, it has been statistically proven that applicants who visit universities prior to applying have an edge. By interacting with faculty, alumni, students and administration the students not only gain valuable insights but also indicate an interest to the admissions committee which puts them at a competitive edge.
* Collegify employs a number of scientific aptitude and psychometric tests to gauge aspirants’ personality, potential, inclinations and core soft skills to assist mentors in providing structured and sound guidance.
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Volume 5 Issue 10


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