Chicken Soup for the Soul: Indian College Students



Editors: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Arti Jain & Rajat Poddar
The Chicken Soup has long been a series that plumps and stirs your emotions into an experience of life seems just a little bit fuller. College years are an exuberant period where one can explore the experiences of adulthood and this book captures many of the different emotions that this transformation entails. From finding real friends in this new and confounding world to adjusting to hostel life, these stories are so diverse that there will be at least one story which might make you jump up in excitement proclaim, “But this is the story of MY college life!” Stories like ‘But I’m a Girl!’, ‘Music and Lyrics’ and ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ are inspirational as well as immediately relatable. Others like ‘Just a Good Sort?’ and ‘Please Mr Postman’ take you back to your hostel days, while ‘College Reunion’ and ‘College Coursework’ would surely make you achingly nostalgic about your own college life.
Although the stories are relatable, the enthusiasm may drown a little because, unlike other books from the Chicken Soup series, this one does not have stories by celebrity writers. Moreover, there are some stories without any inspiring or humorous elements. This, at times, can put you off . Thankfully there are more than enough stories that emerge like jewels between the pages. – BY TASNEEM POCKETWALA

Volume 1 Issue 2


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