Celeb Secrets – April 2013


Vishal Karwal is an actor who is most notable for his appearances in reality television shows ‘Roadies’, ‘Splitsvilla’ and ‘Big Boss’. He will be seen in films soon

Skin care regime – I use cleanser and toner. I also wash my face three times a day and use sun block.

Grooming faux pas – One should always be clean and hygienic. Guys should cut their nails, look clean and their hairstyle shouldn’t be messy. A stubble look is the best but it should be trimmed often.

Hair styling tips – I use hair was but I make sure I don’t apply it to the roots of my hair, only at the tips. I also remember to wash my hair before I go to sleep.

Fitness mantra – I run 3 kilometers daily. On the days I don’t work out. I run for 5 km. I work out 5 times a week.

Favourite fragrance – Miyake and YSL

Fashion tips for men and women – For guys, it should be effortless; something comfortable is always the best. Also, you shouldn’t copy anyone; make your own style statement. For girls, I think dressing up well and using light makeup is the best.


Volume 2 Issue 10


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