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Beauty regime
I’m actually a really simple person when it comes to what I do for beauty. I try and drink a gallon of water every day. I think that sweating really helps keep your skin look good. Also, yoga and being happy mentally are two crucial things that change the way I look by leaps and bounds!

Magic make-up trick:
I love bright red lipstick. Th ese days, it’s all I need to feel cheeky…in a good way.

Beauty/makeup trick:
I love benetint, by Benefi t. It’s a lip stain that doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything, but gives your lips a bitten look.

5 things in makeup bag:
I only have 5 things in my makeup bag! I have a mineral powder by Laura Mercier, tinted Burts Bees tinted chapstick, a herbal Kajaal, a Chanel liner my sister gave me and bright red lipstick by Mac called Lady Danger…I love the title of that one.

Favourite fragrance:
I don’t like perfumes actually, they give me headaches. But I really love the brand AESOP, as their scented lotions are made with only essential oils. I love their Geranium Leaf Body Lotion.

Beauty Mishap:
I think generally, people wear too much makeup. Th at’s the biggest mishap. Less is more!

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