Phones You Can Get Under 10,000 Rupees

This new generation is always trying have the best gadget at low price but also the one with maximum features. After all the phone...
agent Smith

Agent Smith: The New Mobile Malware

“Agent Smith” a new virus has hit mobile phones across the world infecting over 25 million devices to date and continues to...
Absurd mobile Apps

Six Absurd Apps You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

The ‘Rent A Boyfriend’ app, apparently aimed at curing depression caused by not having a significant other, has managed to raise many eyeballs, but...
cool gadgets

Cool Gadgets To Look Out For In 2019

If you’re a tech enthusiast, then you will understand the ever-changing nature of the industry. What was hot last year is all but outdated...

IPhone V/S Android Phone

People are fascinated with the iPhone. They buy iPhone at a huge price but sometime they ignore the Android phone which is as good...
Google Gaming Console

Google to Come Up With Gaming Console

Google is reportedly bracing to venture into the gaming world as its new programme sets to take on the popular consoles of Sony’s PlayStation...

Apps Of The Month – June 2016

BEST ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAMES SimCity BuildIt Platforms : Android, iOS This is a personal favorite. Build your own city as you don the Mayor’s hat in this multiplayer...
Apple iPhone

Apple’s Latest iPhones Will Burn A Hole In Your Pocket…As Usual

Apple has come out with latest versions of iPhones named iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and the iPhone XS Max, and if you hoped these...

Top 5 Ps4 Games To Buy In 2017

The Play Station is easily one of the most amazing sources of entertainment to have been created. As a piece of hardware, it’s one...

Get down with Karaoke

On Valentine’s Day, Tata Sky announced the launch of a new video-based music service, Karaoke, in partnership with Karaoke is a fun, party-time...

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