Six Absurd Apps You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Absurd mobile Apps

The ‘Rent A Boyfriend’ app, apparently aimed at curing depression caused by not having a significant other, has managed to raise many eyeballs, but wait till you read these. Gear up for some laughs, giggles and some serious WTF moments –

Hold On!

This app is best defined as a waste of time rather than ‘absurd’. The purpose of this app is to measure for how long you can keep your finger pressed on the screen of your mobile. The timer stops as soon as you lift your finger off the screen and the game is over. You can then share your score to the leaderboard and measure your standing amongst the (clearly bored) players.

Taxi Hold ‘Em

Because hailing a cab by raising your arm didn’t seem enough, creators thought it would be useful to invent an app that displays a ‘TAXI’ sign on your phone. Users then have to hold the sign out while hailing their cabs. Trust us, your arm is just as, or maybe even more effective.

Is it Dark Outside

Unless you’re someone literally living under a rock, this app ticks all the boxes of uselessness. The app does literally nothing except answer YES or NO if you ask ‘Is it dark outside’. Looking at the time or even probably judging the lighting around you (like regular people) seems at lot effortless.


Even non-alcoholics and anti-social people alike probably won’t even give this app a second thought. The app changes your screen to a mug of beer and you can tilt the phone to simulate pouring of beer down your throat. This is apparently supposed to give users the feel of drinking beer in real life, minus the fizz, taste, alcohol kick, or socialisation.

Pimple Popper

If you’re someone who’s always been afraid of popping your skin impurities, apparently this app aims at teaching you exactly how to. The app presents faces with different kinds of impurities such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc, and all you have to do is squeeze them out of the face, of course with some ‘guidance’ from the app. This may seem like it isn’t for the faint-hearted but let’s face it, are you even going to bother downloading this one?

Places I’ve Pooped

Although the app is out of service now, the fact that it even existed is an absurdity in itself. Users have to mark all those places you’ve pooped, on a map.  And if you have no concept of boundaries, you can also share this information with your friends, so everyone will find out about your favorite places to go to the bathroom.







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