Apps Of The Month – June 2016



SimCity BuildIt

Platforms : Android, iOS
This is a personal favorite. Build your own city as you don the Mayor’s hat in this multiplayer city building simulation. Compete with global players to build your dream city, complete with housing, infrastructure and entertainment modules. Keep your citizens happy or they’ll leave your city!

Fun Run


Platforms : Android, iOS
Insanely fun and fast-paced, this game will have you jumping on your couch or tearing at your hair! Race along real players or your friends, pick up items on the way that can zap your friends or give you a boost. Fun Run 2, is out too once you’re done hoarding on the first one.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Platforms : Android, iOS
A first person shooter for anyone who likes digital warfare and some hooking infantry action. Add your friends to a squad and play against rivals all over the world. Warning: keep your head low you know, never know who’s out there sniping.

Real Racing 3


Platforms : Android, iOS
All those who love cargasms (no not those), keep your foot on the pedal and race in real time multiplayer! Your favorite cars – sports, super, V8’s and V12’s all available for purchase within the game with the best car models I’ve seen on a mobile platform.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3


Platforms : Android, iOS
This has zombie apocalypse written all over it! Wave after wave of zombies will hit you, and as you level up, buy better weapons and play with more skilled players; it’s up to you and your friends to extinguish the walking dead once and for all!

Words With Friends


Platforms : Android, iOS
Built by Farmville developer Zynga, WWF is a break time game for anyone who likes good, clean word action. What I really appreciate is the fact that you can connect with the game with your Facebook account and play with real friends! However, beware of those annoying in-app purchases! Every wordsmith’s delight, WWF promises hours of clean word action, making it one of the best word games out there.


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