Love Aaj Kal - situationship

Millennials Opt For ‘Situationships’ Over Relationships

'Situationship' is a modern term for the statement “More than friends, less than lovers”, also known as Friends with Benefits amongst the millennials. In a...

Tips To Keep The Spark Alive In Every Relationship

A relationship isn’t easy to maintain, and often, people go their separate ways when the monotony kicks in. Whether you’ve been in a relationship...
live-in relationships

Adults In A Relationship Can Live Together Without Marriage: SC

The Supreme Court has ruled that adults have the right to live together without marriage, and held that live-in relationships were now even recognized...
Long Distance Relationship Apps

So Far, Yet So Close

Keep the spark alive, even from miles apart, with these relationship apps designed to keep you and your partner connected wherever you are Long distance...
communication in relationship

The Importance of Communication In Relationships

Lack of communication is one of the main reasons why couples break up and friends disconnect even after years together. Communication helps us understand...

Live In Relationship Pros & Cons

Live in relationships are more common than you might think. Everyone has different thoughts and perceptions which would lead them to accept or disapprove of...
Valentine's Day

The Perks Of Being Single?

There are worse things than being alone. But it often takes decades to realize this. Most often when you do, it’s too late. And...
arranged marriages

The Evolution of Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage has evolved a lot over the years and in urban cities more people are choosing arranged marriage rather than being forced into...
relationship mistakes

Reaching the roots of the problem

Relationships aren’t really easy to maintain. One needs to understand the value of commitment and trust.. Many problems are likely to be created over...

Talk It Through

Why counsellors are a good idea to save a relationship Every relationship goes through phases. The first phase or the honeymoon phase is most often...

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