Hardballing: A Dating Trend To Cut Out The Crap


From a whole pile of dating trends and terms, we finally have a trend that is proving to be actually healthy and practical. Dating as a whole has undergone immense changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Millennials and GenZ are becoming more focused on what they are looking for in a relationship. Hardballing is all about that. It is helping many to cut out the crap that usually comes in handy in the process of developing romantic and intimate feelings towards someone. How you may ask. 

Hardballing is the newest trend that relates to conveying what you expect from your partner, telling them what you like and what works or doesn’t work for you in a relationship. The idea of love, of finding a partner with whom you can share a romantic relationship you have always desired is enough to lure you into choosing to be with someone, anyone, who shows even little interest in you. Many times, it so happens, that the relationship comes to a quick end due to unfulfilled expectations. You realise that you have wasted months and even years behind the wrong person. 

Hardballing saves you from wasting time and one’s emotional energy. The youth today have become vocal about their needs, wants and expectations. They simply convey what they are looking for to the opposite person and ask them to do the same. This way, they are aware of what they might get themselves into before things start to get serious. This helps in keeping yourself away from the kind of relationships or people you don’t want to connect with. 

Although this new dating term is becoming highly popular, it might be difficult for most individuals to practice hardballing. Dating has been constantly evolving. With so many kinds of dating relationships developing (long-distance, no strings attached, open relationship, etc), it is important to understand what you want, convey the same to the opposite person, and also stand your ground. There is nothing wrong in openly putting out your wants and preferences when looking for a partner. It’s only sensible. 

Hardballing allows each one to date like a boss. You don’t have to wait for anyone to give you signs, nor do you have to engage in flirting that is not taking you anywhere. Hardballing is a positive no-nonsense dating trend that every person looking to find a genuine romantic connection must adapt. With this, you can say instant goodbyes to those who do not match your requirements. Those who are into finding dates on dating apps must all the more hardball. It lets you to first communicate with each other, understand each other’s expectations and only go on dates when your likes, dislikes, and expectations match with each other. 

With each passing day, dating is getting pragmatic, and trends like hardballing are a cherry on the cake. They have brushed aside unrealistic standards of love and relationships making romantic connections more healthy and upfront. 


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