Topics To Talk About On A First Date – And Which One To Avoid

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Photo by Jonathan J. Castellon on Unsplash

Having been in lockdown for so long and probably as a result not meeting many new people, a lot of us may have dates planned for the coming weeks or months now that restrictions are easing again. So many people feel as though they have lost some of their social skills as a result of having to social distance for so long, meaning it can be nerve-racking to meet somebody for the first time. This is particularly true in a dating context where you are specifically trying to impress them. When in panic, we might say silly or random things that we then reflect on, thinking, ‘Why on Earth did I say that?!’ To avoid those ‘foot in mouth’ moments, here are a few things that you should and shouldn’t talk about on a first date.

Football Predictions 

Football is one of those sports that can make such a good conversation if both of you are into it. Often, when somebody likes football they know quite a bit about it, meaning you will be able to talk for ages on the topic. There are so many different opinions and interesting predictions around football, so it can be interesting to hear different perspectives, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. This makes football a great conversation starter. So, if you are looking for a football related debate, why not look through some of these predictions, which you can then discuss?

Family, Friends and Your Lifestyle

Your family, your friends and your general lifestyle are all good topics to discuss on a first date. It is nice to be able to gauge what kind of things the other person is into and where your similarities may lie. When telling stories about your friends and family, make sure that they are funny and interesting, and try and keep your date engaged by asking them questions back and making sure the ratio of speech is pretty equal. No one likes it when their date is endlessly speaking about themselves, but equally no one likes it when their date is quiet and doesn’t provide any conversation starters.

Avoid Talking About Politics 

One thing that is probably best to avoid talking about on a first date is politics. Although in a more serious relationship, this is something that you would probably like to know about someone, it is advised that you leave this topic for a few dates down the line, rather than bringing it up the first time you meet. It can come across quite intense and off-putting and, where possible, you should keep your first date to talking about light-hearted and fun conversations.

Don’t overthink it when on a date – the best you can do is be yourself. If you don’t get on with them or there isn’t a click, don’t beat yourself up about it – this is completely natural and doesn’t reflect badly on you; it just shows that you potentially aren’t that compatible, which is useful to know.


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