6 Things You Should Never Do After Fighting With Your Partner

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A heated argument with your partner is always likely to take an ugly turn. While conflict of interests and opinions, arguments, and misunderstandings are a part and parcel of every relationship, it is always important to reach a resolution after fighting. Your ability to resolve issues between each other reflects the strength of your relationship. Sometimes, however, things can blow out of proportion if either of one the two ends up saying or doing something wrong right after the fight. 

To keep you far from committing any further mistakes, we have compiled a list of 6 things that you must absolutely not do after fighting with your special someone. 

Don’t start ignoring what they are saying 

Fighting with someone you love can become overwhelming at times. It is natural if you don’t feel like talking or dealing with the fight for the moment. Make sure you communicate that to your partner and ask for some time to process and calm down. Don’t start ignoring their text message and calls leaving them hanging in the middle. A simple, “I need some time for myself to calm down and talk” is all it takes to settle the who issue for a while. 

Don’t hold onto the cause of the fight 

It is very important to focus on reaching a mutual solution instead of holding onto the cause of the fight. Worse can be to play the blame game. If you have sorted out the issue then let it go completely. Don’t keep revisiting it whenever any other minor fights or irritants surface. 

Don’t disrespect your partner when they ask for some space 

Maybe you have a lot to say to them but they want some space to clear their mind. You need to respect that need and their space. This will only help the two of you in resolving the issue. Problems are better solved when the mind is calm. 

Don’t make excuses for all that you said in anger 

It’s always better to apologise for all the hurtful and harsh things you might have said in the heat of the moment rather than making excuses to get out of the wrongs done. An apology says that you are feeling bad for what you have done and are willing to better the situation but making excuses says that you aren’t feeling guilty and are trying to blame your partner for what you did.  

Don’t be difficult and stubborn 

Fighting over petty issues is normal. At such times, it is always better to let go of these little things. Even in case of major fights, if your partner offers an apology, makes gestures that show they are guilty and feel genuinely sorry, its best to accept the apology and forgive gracefully.  

Don’t go without talking to each other for a long time

To stop talking to each other is immature. A mature way to resolve a fight would be to talk about the problems. You can take some time to figure a way out, but not talking for weeks or months can damage the relationship and most of the time lead to a breakup. So make sure you resolve the fight at the earliest. 


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