Nature's Fury and the Time to Take Stock

Nisha JamVwal analyses the state of the world today with reference to the Uttarakhand disaster and highlights the need to live in harmony with...
Minimalists lifestyle

Do You Feel Bad To Have A Minimalist Lifestyle? Then Don’t!

Do you know that some of the most wealthy and smart people in the world lead a minimalist lifestyle? Yes! You read...

Surviving Sadness: An Easy Path Towards Feeling Better

Viveka Babajee, Nafisa Joseph, Jiah Khan. What makes such young, driven individuals abruptly give up on life? How does one find happiness...
Okay Boomer

“You Kids Laugh On Stupid Memes”, “Okay Boomer”

“Millennials are lazy”, “Generation Z won’t look up from their phones”, “Baby boomers don’t care” such statements are only adding fuel to...

The Real Truth About One-Night-Stands You Need To Know

In today's day and age of ephemeral relationships, Nisha JamVwal poses the million-dollar question - 'do one-night-stands work at all'?
teens, friend

A Teen’s Advice To All Of Us, “Be Who You Want To Be”

‘You ask too many questions. You should be a journalist’, said my first friend.’ You’re a really good listener. And you have...
Mental Health

Mental Health Treatment: Are We Getting Enough?

The problem with India’s mental health care system is that, people hardly acknowledge it and if they do, they make it seem like a...

Violence and bitterness in our times

Nisha JamVwal laments over the prevalent aggression and apathy in the country and declares that love, more than punishment, can do wonders Gloom and doom Every...

Access To Citizenship : Not All Men Are Born Equal

Un-natural-ization Your place of birth doesn’t guarantee your place in the country. For many people, naturalization is synonymous with citizenship. In July of 1987 Bombay...
Mumbai roads

Mumbai’s Roads : A Never Ending Battle

If cars are cholesterol and the roads are arteries, then Mumbai has a severe case of diabetes. With every passing year, our skyline extends...

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