summer vacations

Coronavirus Lockdown Brought Back The Bygone Summer Vacations

We, human beings are never satisfied with the current situations of our lives. It is in human nature how we never give...

Abuse Can Occur In Any Form, Especially During This Lockdown Period

Abuse exists in various forms, it can be verbal, physical or mental. Often, different forms of abuse overlap. Living in lockdown would...

How Coronavirus Is The Ultimate Litmus Test For Globalisation

According to Yuval Noah Harrari, humans formed communities to fight greater fears which they had so that they could survive longer. We...
Guilty Netflix

Netflix’s “Guilty” Is The Movie That India Needs In The Growing Age Of Feminism

Tanu, an important female character in “Guilty” is portrayed to be a loud woman who wears revealing clothes, a starter pack for...
father-daughter relationship

Decoding The Mother-Son And Father-Daughter Relationship

I am going to begin with stating the obvious fact that I am my daddy’s little girl, and will continue to be...
indian men

Indian Men Step Up! Women Are Finally Saying ‘I Ain’t Your Mama’

There are reasons why women make certain common statements about men. Statements like “All men are the same”, or “Men will be...
climate change

Climate Change: An Alarm That Demands Urgent Attention

Our earth currently has been witnessing some of its darkest days. Right from wild forest fires to the melting of glaciers, climate...
Sex Education

Sex Education In India: A Necessity Our Society Must Not Shy Away From

The closest thing that India has ever been a part of, regarding ‘sex education’, is the unnecessary amount of debates it stirs...

It’s Okay To Be A Woman Who Refuses To Embrace Motherhood

The elder section of the Indian society, especially women, are often found giving newly married women suggestions like  “Motherhood completes a woman”,...
Okay Boomer

“You Kids Laugh On Stupid Memes”, “Okay Boomer”

“Millennials are lazy”, “Generation Z won’t look up from their phones”, “Baby boomers don’t care” such statements are only adding fuel to...

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