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Dental Council makes one-year internship compulsory for BDS students

The Importance of Being Coherent

Written communication is important in how you come across to your peers and managers. Youth Inc gives you some pointers on how to communicate cleary

All Work No Party

While the rest of the world brings in the new year with fervour, students of the company secretary course will be studying for their exam on January 1

Education Through Experiences

By Prithvish Uppal, Director Communications & Information Management, AIESEC India

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

An IIT-IAN takes you through the beautiful IIT Bombay Campus, which has it all - the lush green of nature, the wide walkways with nooks and corners for students to huddle up and the Magnificence of powai lake

Reverse Brain Drain – Myth or Fact?

Minal Patodia asks if the so-called 'reverse brain drain' is fact or cliche in today's global village

Mumbai Students Campaign Against Eve Teasing

A group of BMM students from Wilson College have started a campaign called ‘Chappal Maarungi’. The campaign aims to encourage women to beat down...

A Double Life

Tanushree J Mulraj Recounts the Agony and Ecstasy of Being a Professional While Being a Student Until the age of 13 I never managed to...

Christ University, Bangalore

Maria Celine Liya takes you on a tour of her campus College days are considered to be the best days of one’s life. Being a...

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NIU to participate in 2012 Indian Initiative

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