Indian girl to sing in 85 languages for Guinness World Records

Indian girl to sing in 85 languages for Guinness World Records

Suchetha Satish, a 12-year-old Indian girl living in Dubai is attempting to break the Guinness World Record in singing in most languages in a single concert – a total of 85 languages! Gulf News reported that the seventh-grader from The Indian High School in Dubai will attempt to sing in 85 different languages on December 29, 2017.

Sucheta hails from Kerela, and started singing Indian languages like Hindi, Malyalam and Tamil. She even participated in English singing competitions in school. Her first tryst with an international language happened after a visit from family friend. “My father’s friend, a Japanese dermatologist, came to Dubai a year ago. When she came home, she sang a Japanese song. I liked it very much and learnt it,” she said.

Her speed of picking up these foreign languages is quite astounding. She usually takes around two hours to learn a song. If the song is easy to pronounce, she learns it in no time. If the song is lengthy, she can finish it in half an hour. However, French, German and Hungarian were the toughest languages for her to master.

The current record holder for singing in most languages is Kesiraju Srinivas, for 76 languages at Gandhi Hills, Andhra Pradesh, in 2008. Suchetha mastered the skill of singing in a record 80 languages in the span of a year alone. She plans to master at least five more languages before she attempts to break the record.


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