Eco-Friendly Motoring


Motoring around the city can add immensely to your carbon footprint, as well as kill your budget as oil prices skyrocket. You can choose to go electric with the Reva or opt for a hybrid like the Toyota Prius. However, no matter what kind of car you drive, there are still some simple steps you can take to reduce your polluting emissions and save some money on petrol.

1. Don’t Waste in Haste
Smoothly accelerating and decelerating is not only easy on your car, but it also helps you to save your fuel. Moreover, other motorists will thank you for giving them enough notice to slow down as well. Also, driving at high speeds on the highway (at 100 kms per hour or above) will increase your fuel usage and your costs dramatically. Stick to the speed limit and save the environment!

2. Get Rid of Excess Weight
The lighter your car, the more fuel efficient it will be. Don’t load your car with unnecessary junk in the back, heavy speakers or accessories that weigh your car down. Even the smallest bit makes a significant difference to your mileage in the long run; items such as a roof rack or a bicycle holder are largely unnecessary most of the time and are aerodynamic hindrances. If you can get rid of clutter and excess, then do so!

3. Inflate Your Tires
Your tires are one of the most important components of your car. Driving with under inflated tires can be extremely dangerous as this may cause you to lose control of the car. Keeping them well-maintained and properly inflated at all times will mean that you are getting the best possible fuel efficiency from your vehicle. This will reduce your resistance to the road and help them to last longer too.

4. Switch it Off
Don’t keep your car idle – the larger your car, the more fuel it consumes while idling. Switch it off at long signals, while waiting at the curb for someone or in the midst of dead traffic. Idling for more than 20 seconds produces more carbon emissions than restarting your engine altogether.
Also, if you don’t need it, try not to use air conditioning in the city since it is rather fuel intensive. Turn it off five minutes before you reach your destination and park in the shade where possible. While driving in the city, do try to offset your emmissions to become a true eco-motorist.

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