Go the green way with Eco-Friendly Clothes


Consumer patterns in the 21st century will have to transform in order to create ecological balance, prevent labour exploitation, and maintain sustainability for our planet. A welcome trend that has hit the fashion circuit is the use of eco-friendly lifestyle products; everything and everyone is turning green!
No Nasties is a great organic, fair trade t-shirt company that is making waves. The result of using natural dyes and no synthetic materials in manufacturing results in a comfy, super-soft, breathable t-shirt. These t-shirts have unique and limited collection designs and are made with bamboo fibres and organic cotton. Bamboo fibre absorbs moisture rapidly and keeps you dry and cool, especially in the humid monsoon. Organic cotton is made entirely without the use of pesticides (cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world). Both fabrics are soft and extremely comfortable to wear. No Nasties also supports a range of social causes; for more information, log on to their website: www.nonasties.in
Another internationally recognised brand of eco-friendly clothing, Do U Speak Green, has launched its new collection, Stories of the Wild, throughout India. The exuberance of Indian wildlife in its beautiful natural form is expressed in this collection. Individual, hand-painted imagery reflects the textural beauty of the living creatures that roam the untamed wild.
Protection, conservation, and respect for these charismatic creatures that are an intrinsic partof our culture and ecosystem inspire the graphics for this organic range. Created with organic cotton and bamboo fibre and infused with natural dyes and prints, every garment has a story to tell. Also, ten per cent of all sales are donated for environment conservation to the World Wildlife Fund, India. For more information, log on to www.douspeakgreen.in
Don’t be afraid to take a stand with your clothes, people will respect you more for it. Adapt and show your fashioable environmental sense with these eco-friendly lines.

tips for turning green

  • Make sure your clothes are made of natural materials such as cotton, khadi, bamboo, and hemp. These are not only easy to decompose or recycle, but perfect for beating the heat. Check that the dyes used are from vegetable, leaves or fruits of tropical trees
  • Revamp your own clothes; be creative and individualistic. Invade your grandma’s closet for her sarees and dupattas and make skirts or sarongs from her collection.

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